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Enchanting Hotels in Alicante: Nature, Comfort, and a Complete Escape

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Alicante is set in a beautiful region with a wide variety of natural landscapes to discover. It is home to spectacular beaches, charming towns, and some of the most stunning mountains. That’s why it is a place you simply must lose yourself in. Explore its hidden spots while enjoying a dream stay at one of Alicante’s enchanting hotels and you’ll be surprised at every turn.

The 3 wonders of hotels in Alicante

When you visit, you’ll be able to enjoy both the beach and the mountains from some of the best places in the city. You’ll also enjoy year-round warm temperatures, allowing you to immerse yourself in many of the exciting trails. On top of the mesmerizing landscape, you’ll sample the region’s fine gastronomic delights.

When you’re looking to get away from the bustle of the city, you simply will not be able to resist the three most important things Alicante has to offer:

  1. Nature

When you choose one of Alicante’s spectacular hotels, your surroundings are one of the keys to a magical stay. When those surroundings are its spectacular landscapes and environment, your stay is sure to become something very special.

Being in direct contact with nature offers an unparalleled sense of genuine wellbeing. As a result, only the authentic hotels, situated in the city’s prestigious spots, can provide you with a true connection to nature.

Surrounding these are trails where you can stroll, escape from the everyday, and get in touch with nature. Want to take a walk?


  1. Comfort

When choosing a place to stay in Alicante, what you discover outside is just as important as the secrets unveiled inside. An exclusive, luxury hotel can offer a truly memorable and authentic experience, as well as redefine the old stereotype of pompous, traditional luxury.

It’s important to choose a place that is much more than simply a place to sleep, because you deserve all of the modern comforts and facilities to ensure your maximum comfort. There is no reason not to pamper yourself by taking a relaxing bath in a Jacuzzi.

You’ll also indulge your palate will the exquisite fare only offered at these unique locations. Who wouldn’t want to try some of the region’s delectable cuisine, slow cooked over a fire? It is vital for exclusive hotel restaurant kitchens to be in sync with the unique experiences you’re sure to enjoy.

  1. Complete Escape

There are hotels in Alicante where travellers can completely get away from it all and practice the slow travel philosophy. How? Thanks to the atmosphere and peace of mind, where you’ll find:

  • Relaxing surroundings where you can unwind and take in spectacular panoramic views of the landscape.
  • Carefully designed interior spaces, whose charm invites you to enjoy complete escape.
  • Wellness treatments such as relaxing massages to melt away stress, relieve tension, to improve both mental and physical wellbeing, and feel complete tranquillity.


Want an unforgettable experience? Come and find a place that strikes the perfect balance between nature, comfort, and escape. Out of all of Alicante’s most desirable, charming hotels, you’ll discover a place that is truly your own, VIVOOD: where time stands still.

VIVOOD is the Luxury of getting away from it all. Come and enjoy peace, exclusivity, and new sensations

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