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    What is green tourism?

    Green tourism Hotel Vivood
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    Green tourism, though very much associated with rural tourism, has its own differentiating characteristics that make it unique. Generally speaking, it is commonly accepted that green tourism joins, as the name states, a touristic activity with nature. However, this tourism is not exclusively based on its enjoyment through the activities it can offer. It goes beyond that, and it’s about enjoying it while respecting flora and fauna as well as local lifestyles.

    What characteristics define green tourism?

    If you wish to know the characteristics that define green tourism so you can start engaging on it, we are baring it all!

    The location

    Not all locations are valid to engage in green tourism. You need, for starters, a place far away from cities. Tranquility and quietness must dominate the environment, as the pace is a lot slower than we are used to in big cities.
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    Usually, it is practiced in small communities no larger than 2,000 population, where normally rural lifestyles predominate. Meaning, the weight of the primary sector still are very present.

    Respect for all kinds of local lifeforms

    In green tourism cultural treats and traditions of the people who live in the area are unquestionably respected. It is about taking part in traditions, culture, festivities and even everyday chores. And, of course, all of that without imposing one’s traditions and ways of seeing the world.

    Managing the cultural and touristic offer

    The places where green tourism is practiced, the cultural availability, such as museums, castles, antique houses, is all done by locals. In the same way, the business activity is made of local products manufactured by the inhabitants of your destination.

    Respect for nature

    Of course, if green tourism is practiced in natural locations, you must respect them. Because of this, people who engage on this type of tourism opt for means of transportation less polluting than planes. They choose to travel in the mean which will have less impact and that will allow a more direct contact with its people and also with their travel companions. Traveling by boat or train, whenever possible, are the means of transportation of choice.
    Green tourism in Guadalest
    Respect for nature in green tourism go hand in hand with choosing lodging that is sustainable and responsible with the environment. Regarding the rooms, this eco hotels usually offer forest lodges completely integrated in the landscape and the environment. Moreover, eco hotels take green tourism practices to each and every service they offer and their management areas. For example, their gastronomy is elaborated using bio products, from local producers and farmers and, therefore, close to the  environment. You achieve this to promote life and businesses and reducing contamination in their transport. As a result, the gastronomy offered by green tourism is quite the treasure.

    The way it makes us feel

    Green tourism not only has a positive impact where is practiced, also in the way people who engage on it feel. And the thing is, going back to your origins to a natural and relaxing atmosphere, to a simpler life, with plenty of time for yourself, alleviates stress and anxiety we accumulate in our day-to-day lives.

    Feelings green tourism

    VIVOOD Hotel, your place to engage on green tourism

    If you wish to practice the most authentic green tourism in an eco hotel, without sparring on any commodity, VIVOOD is the place you are looking for. With all the typical facilities you can find in an exclusive hotel in a luxury natural environment as it is the Guadalest Valley.
    Come and discover our hotel in Alicante, we are awaiting at the luxury of evasion!

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