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10 Things you can only do in Guadalest

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In 1974 Guadalest Castle was declared a Historical and Artistic Heritage site, and is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. Why? Because of the spectacular beauty of its landscapes, traditions, history, culture, mouth-watering cuisine, unique museums, and everything else you’ll only find here. Come and lose yourself in its charming alleys, tucked away in the natural stone environment.

Enjoy All Things Guadalest

Discover ideas that will surprise you, tantalizing tastes that will delight you, and immerse yourself in local traditions. What will you do first?

1. See Incredible Miniatures and the Amazing Micro-Giant Art of Manuel Ussà

At the Guadalest Miniatures Museum , you’ll discover a magnificent world of art, magnifying glass in hand. You’ll even find renowned paintings like Goya’s The Nude Maja painted on the wing of a fly.

The Micro-Giant Art Museum will also leave you in awe of its two collections of miniatures and giant sculptures. See the incredible miniature of the Guadalest gate and bell tower scaled down to a square centimeter! It is also home to one of the tiniest self-portraits in the world: Manuel Ussà carved into a grain of sand.

2. Discover Treasure in the Mountains: The Emerald Jewel of Alicante

With its breathtaking landscape you simply cannot miss a chance to hike through Guadalest Valley. Visit one of the most captivating trails around the Guadalest Basin, also known as the emerald jewel. As you gaze upon its turquoise waters, which bring together blue skies and lush greenery, you’ll see that it is deserving of this name.

The luxurious environment, rich colors, incredible views of the Guadalest Castle, and the Aitana Mountain Range are just some of the marvels you’ll enjoy along this 10km path.

If you want to see the Guadalest Basin from a different perspective, why not try the annual summer swim? It’s a 2500 meter course in an unforgettable spot where swimming and nature go hand in hand.

Guadalest Basin

3. Taste the Irresistible Cuisine of Guadalest

Are you ready to enjoy the traditional aromas and flavors of the region? Indulge yourself in delightful dishes like rabbit with aioli. Try the traditional “meatball soup“, made in a delicious broth. However, you simply cannot miss the chance to eat minxos, which are a type of vegetable empanada and are simply exquisite. Don’t leave without sampling one of the region’s star dishes: Olleta de Blat, a traditional thick winter stew.

Of course, you’ll also want to save some room to satisfy your sweet tooth. Try some homemade almond desserts and other Guadalest sweets.

4. Step onto the Stage of a Tom Hanks´ Romantic Comedy

Did you know that Guadalest has been a location for a number of films?  The town has been the backdrop to a number of popular films like “My Life in Ruins”, the sequel to the successful “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. One of its producers was none other than Tom Hanks!

In the film, part of the town’s main plaza and panoramic views of the Guadalest Basin substitute for Greece. Cool, right?

5. Conquer Guadalest Castle

Undoubtedly, one of the most unique spots in Guadalest is the extraordinary San José Castle. With its unique beauty and fascinating history, it is one of the most visited sites in Spain.

This fortress was built by 11th century Moors into the rock at the highest part of the town. As a result it boasts some of the most breathtaking views of the Guadalest Valley. Also, thanks to its strategic position, it played an important role in the Middle and Modern Ages.

The earthquakes that devastated Guadalest in 1644 and 1748, in addition to the bombardment the castle suffered in 1708 from the War of Succession were responsible for its destruction.  Despite this, it has been preserved in decent condition.

Stroll through the ancient ruins of the fortress, through its wall, and through its historic center and you’ll be transported back to a great medieval city. Want to go back in time?

Guadalest Castle

6. Treat Yourself to Mountain Honey from the Guadalest Valley

When visiting this small, charming town, you’ll want to try all of the local products, and even take some home as a souvenir! In Guadalest there’s much to choose from. You’ll find a variety of typical products like honey, dried fruits and nuts, medlars, and wines, as well as other locally-sourced products. What better souvenir than one grown naturally and straight from the earth?

The best example is the honey made in the mountains of the Guadalest Valley. It is taken from bees who make honey from thyme, rosemary, and almond flowers, which gives it a very pure and natural flavor. Due to its intensity it can be used as a substitute for sugar.

6. Travel Back to the 18th Century 

The Guadalest Ethnological Museum is housed in a traditional 18th century house built on top of the rocks inside the fortress. Inside you’ll learn about agricultural production and everyday life in valley’s past.

It houses a water-powered mill, a wine press, a bread oven, a collection of antique weapons, and a number of tools. There is also a reproduction of a larder, a hearth, and a pen with animals. Finally, you can check out a demonstration of the process of making oil with an oil mill.

It’s the perfect way to relive and understand the old farming techniques of the Guadalest Valley.

7. Witness the Incredible Blossoming of Almond Flowers

Any time of year is perfect for visiting the Guadalest region, but if you visit during the blooming of the almond flowers, you’ll receive a dazzling welcome unlike any other. Imagine the thousands of almond trees across the valley covered in pink and white flowers, painting an unforgettable picture. This year, it began in February.

Climate change and the dryness of the Guadalest terrain is ideal for growing almonds, but every year Spring begins earlier. This natural phenomenon usually only lasts until the end of March.

Best Destinations for Nature Lovers

9. Step Into a Magic Garden Full of Surprises

Winged trees, giant ants climbing up their trunks and an endless number of unique sculptures create a fantasy world at the doors of the Ribera Girona Contemporary Art Museum.

The Magic Garden is a place far from the ordinary, where you are sure to constantly gaze around in wonderer. In every corner, you’ll be surprised by something new, like a colorful butterfly carved in stone.

10. Enjoy a Unique Experience at Spain’s Premiere Countryside Hotel

If you want to take advantage of all of these Guadalest experiences, book with VIVOOD today. Our countryside hotel is ideal for travelers looking for new sensations and who are looking to enjoy peace and calm.

Our exclusive suites are perfectly designed to help you connect with nature without giving up all of the comforts of a luxury hotel.

Situated in the heart of the picturesque Guadalest Valley, we invite you disconnect, and escape with us. Of course, don’t miss out on the things you can only do in Guadalest.


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