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Just half an hour away from towns such as Benidorm and Altea, the Guadalest valley emerges. A setting where the buildings along the Costa Blanca are replaced by vast greenery and uneven steep terrain with several mountain villages scattered around that are so characteristic of the province of Alicante. The contrasts in the Costa Blanca can’t find a better example than the one offered at Guadalest Valley. This is the a remarkable characteristic that makes it one of the most unique place to stay and discover near Benidorm.

Why is it such a unique place to stay?

Guadalest is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. It’s great if you are looking for something radically different from Benidorm. Located between the Aitana and Xortà mountain ranges, this charming village is built on a pinnacle, offering the traveller some impressive views of the mountains and the surrounding landscape, but above all, of the iconic Guadalest reservoir. Its winding streets with white façades filled with shops and restaurants, and the views of the sea dominating the backgrounds of the landscape, provide the charm of a inland mediterranean village. But there are plenty other charms that have granted the merit of being one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, if there ever was one. Want to know why? Keep on reading!

Unique gastronomy

Gastronomy in the Guadalest valley is of traditional taste. The cuisine in this land is an essential part of its culture and its history. Because of that, there is no better way of getting to know the local lifestyle and the identity of a people than through its cuisine.The products used in it are a very important part of its local economy and its landscape. Highlighting wheat, loquats, rice and meats.

Restaurants in Guadalest offer typical dishes such as “All i oli” rabbit, “L’olleta de blat”, a casserole dish made with wheat flour or “pilotes de dacsa”, meat and cornflour meatballs. As well as a great variety of rice dishes made with natural and nearby products. And, of course, you can’t miss the almond-and-honey based desserts.

Restaurants in the area have adapted themselves to new tastes and trends and have combined traditional cuisine with the more avant-garde signature cuisine. A gift for your palate!

Surprising landscapes

Guadalest valley is a privileged enclave of great landscape value, ideal for practicing sports like trekking and mountain bike descent. Discovering the surrounding mountain ranges, such as Aitana, la Serrella o la Xortà, you can retake contact with nature and discover a unique and overwhelming scenery.

Aitana mountain, the tallest mountain in the Costa Blanca, stands out. If you venture yourself to the top, you will enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the sea and of the Guadalest valley. On a clear day, you could see Ibiza and Formentera. Thanks to its proximity to the sea, altitude and position it has a rich biodiversity. Without a doubt, a unique place to stay.

Hiking on your October bridge

But the mountains and their ranges in the Guadalest valley keep sheltered a great treasure. Known as the emerald jewel of Alicante, the Guadalest reservoir gives the valley a special touch that makes it a unique place to stay. No doubt, the most remarkable thing in the reservoir is its turquoise waters and the reflection of the greenery in them. You will discover and refreshen it using the surrounding path.

A different kind of tourism

If on your holidays you are looking for something else besides the sun and beach in Benidorm, without a doubt, the Guadalest valley is a unique place to stay. With the great weather so characteristic of the Costa Blanca and with the beach only 30 minutes away, you will be able to enjoy all of its mediterranean charm like you have never experienced it before. Gastronomic and cultural traditions, the charm of its approachable people and plenty more activities to enjoy. Trekking routes, great natural pools, castles to be won over, shops and museums, Guadalest is full of them!

A unique hotel to stay

If the landscape and the environment of the Guadalest valley have surprised you, wait until you discover VIVOOD.

hotel in the costablanca

VIVOOD is a charming hotel in the Guadalest Valley. A unique place where everything has been designed so the scenery becomes undeniably an integral part of our hotel. At VIVOOD you will not only you can stay at the heart of the Guadalest Valley but also immerse yourself in its scenery. All of its facilities, from its rooms to the restaurant and, of course, our infinity pool, are integrated in the landscape, being an essential part of it. We offer you the possibility of re-connecting to our origins and nature without giving up any commodity. Leave behind your routine and your stress, because at VIVOOD the luxury of escaping is awaiting for you. You will be able to hear birds tweeting, the water falling and the distant chiming of the Benimantell bells. We set ourselves aside from other hotels for adults because we respect all forms of silence and evasion of each and every guest.

In our hotel near Benidorm, everything is lived and felt to a slow rhythm. Rush-free, to enjoy the value that every moment has. Want to come to discover us?

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