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Exclusive hotels are greatly sought after to enjoy unique holidays or to give as gift experiences to surprise that special someone. Even though we may have a rough idea what all luxury boutique hotels must have, it’s not always easy to differentiate exclusive hotels from simply singular hotels. In order to find an answer, we will tell you what are the bare essentials to exclusive hotels. Let’s go!

Exclusive hotels, what are its essential characteristics?

All luxury hotels have unconventional and intimate atmospheres. A unique personality that transpires and is felt through its décor, architecture and the taste for each and everyone of its details. But, beyond that, what all luxury boutique hotels should have?

1.- Unique and customized service

Exclusive hotels are characteristic for having a real passion for service. Thus expressed in its daily doing. The exquisiteness in the treatment of its guests is a must in luxury hotels. Dedication, empathy, elegance, intuition and discretion are sensations you will experience at all luxury hotels. At the very least, because the availability and commitment of the staff are the key. The service is
impecable and completely customized.

Barman at VIVOOD

Little details are one of the essentials from luxury boutique hotels. First, at the beginning of your stay, with the little details in your room, during your stay, caring about each and everyone of its guests, or even afterwards, with regular customized communications. All of this because your experience at a boutique hotel has to be the star feature and all details contribute to it, no matter how small.

2.- A place to daydream

The location of an exclusive hotel is also an aspect to take into account. The place in which is located has to take into account the sensations the guests wish to experience so they get them offered. Peace, tranquility, disconnection, rest,…are very much in demand feelings and can only be achieved in a natural environment to match. Countryside hotels are perfect for that.

Another one of the essentials of exclusive hotels is the décor. Painstakingly cared for, in mild tones, that invites you to evade yourself. Large windows, panoramic terraces and wide spaces are only some examples of the facilities we can enjoy and we will feel as the main recipients of the most cared for details.

Rooms of exclusive hotels

The charms you will be surprised with at exclusive hotels are something you will not easily forget and it’s something that will make us come back and repeat. These places are the ones we go back to when, several kilometers away, we close our eyes to relax.

3.- Gastronomy with care

Exclusive hotels must offer traditional cuisine with fresh products, handmade and representative of the place where the hotel is located. Without forgetting, of course, innovation with a touch of signature cuisine. Boutique hotels often adopt the philosophy of of “slow food” and zero kilometer products. A gastronomy that knows nothing about rushing things, and that wishes to take the necessary time to enjoy each and every taste, aroma and textures that it is made of. Stocked up with proximity products, having the minimal impact on the environment. That gastronomy has to count with, of course, a selection of ingredients of the highest quality.


Exclusive hotels also usually add into the mix other options such as vegetarian restaurants, as it is one of the essentials of exclusive hotels, the satisfaction of each and every guest. At boutique hotels table service has to be impecable. Suggestions and professional advice from waiters are details that can not be missed at the table.

Gastronomy at these hotels has to be present from beginning to end. Luxury breakfast, at the restaurant or in bed, to start the day in the best possible way, without forgetting great dinners and magnificent suppers.

4.- Luxury hotel rooms

At exclusive hotels, rooms stand out for being real luxury, where the décor, though minimalistic, is restrained without tarnishing the setting as a whole. Wonderful views, panoramic terraces, in-room hot tubs with views of the infinite landscape, waterfall showers,… Without a doubt, silence and independence of each room in this luxury hotels are also a must. At exclusive hotels everything has to make you unique as a guest.

And, of course, the facilities and hotel services can’t fall behind. Infinity pools, first-class terrace, panoramic restaurant, massages, beauty treatments, yoga classes,… are only some of its qualities.

5.- Activities to enjoy a unique break

On top of relaxing, resting and evasion, exclusive hotels must offer the chance of making some other activities. To visit historical sites, discover local traditions and products, some activities in nature such as trekking or multi-adventure activities.

A unique exclusive hotel as they come

If you are looking for a hotel that encapsulates all of this qualities, you can stop searching. You just found it! Our exclusive hotel at Guadalest valley is a real luxury boutique hotel at 30-minute drive from Benidorm.

But VIVOOD is not just another exclusive hotel. It is the first landscape hotel in Spain. A real unique place to stay near Benidorm. A hotel with a sustainable design born out of respect and admiration for the environment. In which, despite that, it doesn’t forget all of the commodities of the best hotels, which guarantees an unrivaled stay in a natural environment offered at the province of Alicante. A place to escape from routine in an spectacular setting such it is the Guadalest valley.

Would you like to come and visit? We are waiting at the luxury of evasion.

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