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3 Plans for an Incredibly Romantic Weekend

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Who doesn’t like having a romantic weekend? If you are looking to disappear hand-in-hand with little luggage, then take note of these 3 exciting ideas for couples. You won’t want to miss sharing them.

3, 2, 1, romantic weekend

Maybe when it comes to plans, three’s not a crowd if you want your romantic weekend to be full of activity… So, you can add this set of ideas for the weekend getaways proposed in a previous post to the suggestions for today.

  1. Picnic surrounded by nature

A basket (for the most intrepid couple, a backpack is recommended), plus a tablecloth and some tasty snacks to share.
A romantic weekend can be heavenly if you enjoy the mountain’s fresh air and the intimacy next to that special person.

In the Valencian Community, there are many charming places lost in the mountains. Today we suggest the landscape, paths and alcoves of Benimantell, the wonderful natural location of the Guadalest Valley, between the Aitana and Xortà mountain ranges.

These lands possess springs, reservoirs and castles. We recommend stopping along the way to refresh yourself with some water from “Fuentes de Vida” or “Font del Morer.”

We also recommend you follow this motto: enjoy and respect. If you are in a place of nature that you would love to go back to, take care of it as it deserves.

  1. A visit to Altea la Vella

For a wonderful day trip on your romantic weekend, you can’t miss out on visiting a quaint town like Altea. You will find a place of singular beauty at Altea la Vella, about 3 kilometres away from the town centre.

Undoubtedly, you will fall in love with its old town, narrow streets and white houses. It is full of wonderful spots to walk around while enjoying the combination of sea breeze and mountain air.

In addition to this, your visit deserves a taste of the rich cuisine and  a toast to your romantic weekend with wine from Alicante. Their dishes have a taste of the sea, but also of the vegetable patch. The most typical dishes include:

  • Snails with onion
  • “Cruet de peix” (fish stew)
  • Sea urchin
  • Arroz a banda (rice with fish)
  • “Empedrat” (rice with cod)

And when the night falls…

  1. Stargazing

A special candle-lit dinner for your romantic weekend is a must. And for dessert? A walk beneath the stars.

Contemplating the stars that are so elusive in the big city is an indispensable experience for your romantic weekend in nature.

All you need to do is wait for the sun to fall after an intense day of your romantic getaway. Then take a stroll together and enjoy the natural nocturnal show while holding hands.

Watching the sky will help you relax. Also, with the help of a star map you can identify the different constellations, and dream.

This simple plan for a romantic weekend away from the urban hustle and bustle is a wonderful liberation for the mind. It is ideal for concentrating only on the most pleasant companion.

In VIVOOD the daytime and night landscape will dazzle you. Do you want to check it out for your next romantic weekend? It is worth enjoying, especially in good company.

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