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Sustainable hotel, Healthy destination
Advocates of Wellness and Nature

VIVOOD represents nature and sustainability, as well as lifestyle, exclusivity and architecture. It is a place where the traveller who is looking for new sensations can unwind, escaping their routine and getting in touch with nature. A space where we truly care about improving people’s wellbeing.

Our Values
The 5 ‘E’s of VIVOOD

In the middle of nature. Between the Aitana and La Serrella mountains.


We pay attention to the details. Dedication and hospitality.


Memorable sensations. Authenticity and uniqueness.


Another way to view luxury. Nature and the highest level of comfort.


Respect for the environment. Integration and sustainability.

Get to Know Us.
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The Value of People

VIVOOD is what it is today because of its people. This includes each of our staff as well as all the guests who stay with us. We have a great team of professionals who enjoy their work and who share a common mission: to surprise you, welcome you and make you feel at home.

Join Us

Would you like to be a part of our team? We would be happy to meet you and have you tell us more about who you are.

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17, oct, 2018
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