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    VIVOOD Landscape Hotels, Tourism Award

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    The VIVOOD Landscape Hotels were given the 2015 Tourism Award by the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante. This recognition is one of many prizes that VIVOOD received in under a year, such as: Best Nature Hotel in Europe in addition to its consideration as a finalist for one of the 15 best architectural works in Spanish-speaking countries.

    The panel for the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante awards is made up of renowned businessmen and economists. They have highlighted the efforts made by VIVOOD to promote and develop inland tourism in Alicante. As a result, the 2015 Tourism Award was granted to the VIVOOD Landscape Hotels for offering more than conventional tourism, in which  excellence in customer service, exclusivity and respect, as well as contact with nature are the primary focuses in the hotel’s management.

    The award ceremony was attended by personalities from the social, political, and business sectors of Alicante. It emphasized the value of the work and efforts carried out by groups to continue generating wealth and strengthening the outside perspective of Alicante and the Community of Valencia.

    Night of the Economy in Alicante

    During this evening, 11 companies and entrepreneurs were awarded in the fields of commerce, exporting, tourism, industry, business innovation, services, and family-owned business.

    The prizes given by the Chambers of Commerce of Alicante throughout the evening were:

    Gold Medal and Shining Achievements – José María Caballé. President and Founder of Servigroup Hotels

    Tourism: Vivood Landscape Hotels, in Benimantell

    Commerce: José Manuel Pastor «Manel Calzados»

    Business Innovation: Hawkers

    Exporting: Forest Chemical Group

    Industry: Inden Guillem Group

    Service Provider: Facephi Biometrics

    Family Business: Casa Federico

    Furthermore, the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante made honorable mention of Vicente Armengol in the field of commerce, Bit Marketing Online SLN in the field of online marketing, and Amat and Maestre in the Engineering section.

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