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The charm of the countryside and beautifully designed luxury homes

Hotel Vivood
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Quite often, countryside hotels are categorized as lacking in the most modern design and luxuries, but here at VIVOOD we believe that the best way to enjoy nature is to do so from one of our gorgeous luxury homes. We are sure that our facilities will satisfy the needs of every guest.

Everything at your fingertips

At VIVOOD we have taken the concept of a traditional countryside hotel a step further to provide you with the perfect combination of luxury, relaxation, and sustainability. You’ll find this in each of our suites and in the surrounding natural landscape, renowned for beauty and tranquility.

The secret to our hotel’s design comes from its ability to become a part of the natural environment without changing it. Our facilities offer access to the beauty of the valley, putting the essence of the landscape at your doorstep.

A place to feel at ease

Each one of our VIVOOD suites is specifically designed to provide a place for rest and well-being. As a result, we understand how important it is for each space to be uniquely catered to each guest’s relaxation.

Our suites employ a philosophy of minimalism in its decoration that will help you to find the serenity and peace of mind you’re looking for in an escape.

In addition, some of our rooms boast exceptional luxury: an option for an outdoor hot tub, WiFi, music player, DVD, mobile phone adaptor, Nespresso coffee maker, kettle, and bathrobe, among others.

Take a bubble bath while surrounded by nature and discover paradise. By combining rural charm with the modern luxuries, you’ll be able to truly unwind.

Design has arrived in the country

We understand that a charming hotel must also offer a complete experience. From the moment you step into our lobby to the discovery of all our hidden corners, enjoy unforgettable design and beauty. We believe that design is not only important in architecture.

Available to all our guests is one of our most esteemed services: our restaurant. Here you will enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and some of the finest products the zone has to offer.

We offer a a unique dining experience. Our chef always strives to craft some of the most breathtaking avant-garde cuisine, paired with a superb wine list.

Don’t hesitate. If you’re looking for a place full of charm where you can disconnect, the VIVOOD hotel strikes the perfect balance between peacefulness and design.

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