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    Tips on the VIVOOD concept: GET AWAY FROM IT ALL

    Destino en Hotel Vivood - VIVOOD.com
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    At VIVOOD we have some guiding principles which we would like you to share so that you can get the most from your stay with us.


    1. This is a hotel for adults.
    2. Please be as quiet as possible.
      ·Enjoy the sounds of nature… the birds, branches, the wind…
      ·Our music will not disturb the general relaxing environment.
      ·Rather than staying in the area with the rooms, enjoy the entire 84.000m2 hotel area.
    3. Entrance to outside visitors is restricted
    4. We respect visual privacy.
    5. We respect nature.
    6. At VIVOOD we control outdoor lighting.
    7. We respect sustainability. We recycle in all areas of the hotel.
    8. We do our utmost to reduce energy consumption.
      ·We limit our use of air conditioning.
      ·VIVOOD uses energy from renewable sources.
    9. Spaces in the hotel are not fenced in. We are in the heart of nature, which is the main value: being in the open air, in harmony with the environment.
    10. If we hold an event, we analyse this in advance to avoid disturbing life inside the hotel.
    11. We restrict internal movement of non-electric vehicles. There are two exceptions: access for guests with reduced mobility and hotel supply requirements.
    12. All the natural spots you will find are private and belong to the hotel.
    13. Our mission at VIVOOD is to add sensations to the experience of being close to nature.
    14. We avoid chemicals and synthetic products. All the products we use are selected for their low environmental impact and low CO2 footprint.

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